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Services Offered

Below are some of the services I offer in my practice. Your healing path is unique and your care should be too! 

Acupuncture Tools, Community Acupuncture Clinic

Community Acupuncture Clinic

I believe that the healing magic of Acupuncture should be accessible to everyone. By offering acupuncture treatments in a community session I am able to offer affordable treatments. After a brief discussion, your treatment will take place in a comfortable community setting. Allow 45 minutes for your community acupuncture treatment. All community acupuncture sessions are $40. Sliding scale is available for those unable to make full payment. Go to Community Clinic webpage for more information. To schedule your Community Acupuncture Session click here

Natural Medicine

Functional Medicine and German New Medicine

Functional Medicine focuses on identifying the root cause of disease. It seeks to answer the question "Why are you sick?" so you can receive individualized care. Functional medicine uses a holistic approach to treat chronic disease, with a focus on nutrition. German New Medicine offers a deep exploration in to how trauma has affected the body and the beliefs you hold around those traumas. For more information of Functional Medicine and German New Medicine and how both can help you feel better and live your life more fully message me here


Individual Acupuncture Sessions

Individual Acupuncture treatments allow us to focus deeply on your unique healing path. During your first session we will get to know each other through a thorough intake. After our intake which can take up to an hour, we will begin your first Acupuncture treatment. Allow two hours for all first time visits. Initial acupuncture treatment rate is $125. All follow up visits include a short discussion followed by your Acupuncture treatment. Allow one hour for all follow up visits. Follow up visit rate is $100. To schedule your first session click here.

Fresh Organic Vegetables

Nutritional and Well Being Counseling

Food is Medicine! Quite often changes in in the way we eat can drastically effect how we feel in our bodies and even heal disease. We should love the food we eat. We should know where it comes from and the ingredients used to prepare it. What we choose to eat daily can have profound effects on our health. This knowledge can be crucial in our healing process and also in preventing disease. Breath work and Meditation can be essential in calming your nervous system and allowing your body to release stored trauma. In your sessions we will discuss specific ways you can bring these techniques into your daily routine. Message me here for information on how Nutritional and Well Being Counseling can help you. 

Plant Spirit Medicine

Plant Spirit Medicine

Plant Spirit Medicine is where the magic of the Five Elements and the wisdom of Plants come together. Plants hold in them a wisdom of all that nature has to offer. In these plants lies the answers to how we as individuals can get back in to balance with the nature around us. With the use of local plants you will receive a nourishing and healing treatment without needles. Each session is designed for you and your unique healing path. Allow one hour for your Plant Spirit Medicine Session. 

To schedule your Plant Spirit Medicine session click here. 

Cupping Treatment


Your session could include other modalities such as MGua Sha, Tuina and Cupping. Massage and pressure point release Kinesiology tape application can assist Acupuncture in healing injuries or strains. Guidance in establishing a yoga and stretching routine as well as awareness around Functional Movement might be offered during your treatments to assist your healing at home. For information on how these modalities can assist your Acupuncture treatments message me here.

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